30 08, 2016

Why isn’t my house selling?


Your house is in a great location and everyone says how lovely your home is. You have updated all your appliances, put red pillows on your outdoor furniture, freshened up the paint and still no offers.  What is the deal? Almost every time, your home is over priced. You may be thinking, this can’t be! […]

Why isn’t my house selling?2016-08-30T15:21:45-06:00
12 08, 2016

5 Late Summer Events in Carbondale & Glenwood Springs


It’s already August! And before you know it, the aspens will be turning that beautiful yellow color. Did you do everything you wanted to this summer? Whatever your response, everyone can always use a little more fun. These five late summer events in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs give you the perfect opportunity to do just that. […]

5 Late Summer Events in Carbondale & Glenwood Springs2016-11-15T11:04:54-06:00