20 09, 2016

2016 Potato Day Schedule


Potato Day is the longest annual community event in Carbondale! Since 1909, local farming and ranching families have kept the tradition alive. Events include a parade, BBQ, live music, farm market, and kids’ activities in Sopris Park, downtown Carbondale.   2016 Potato Day Schedule of Events:   […]

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12 08, 2016

5 Late Summer Events in Carbondale & Glenwood Springs


It’s already August! And before you know it, the aspens will be turning that beautiful yellow color. Did you do everything you wanted to this summer? Whatever your response, everyone can always use a little more fun. These five late summer events in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs give you the perfect opportunity to do just that. […]

5 Late Summer Events in Carbondale & Glenwood Springs2016-11-15T11:04:54-06:00
19 07, 2016

What’s Joy Got To Do With It?


It’s been proven that creative ideas, joy and contentment happen more often during leisurely activities. This makes perfect sense but most of us have our nose to the grindstone and don’t take time to smell the roses. Carbondale is the perfect place to combine work and play. […]

What’s Joy Got To Do With It?2016-07-19T16:38:19-06:00
5 07, 2016

5 High Altitude Gardening Tips


Witnessing a carrot, muskmelon, tomato, beet, or any plant for that matter, transform from a tiny seed into a mature vegetable is rewarding. And as a gardener, you have a front row seat to this miracle of nature. Not only that, but all of the hard work and dedication you put into growing a garden at a high altitude pays off when you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with the people you love. […]

5 High Altitude Gardening Tips2016-11-15T11:04:54-06:00
29 06, 2016

Roaring Fork Valley Farmers Markets


When you bite into a locally-grown, organic tomato in the middle of July, you taste the difference. There’s a depth of flavor that you can only find in the fresh fruits and veggies available at your nearest farmers market in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. […]

Roaring Fork Valley Farmers Markets2016-11-15T11:04:54-06:00
2 06, 2016

Hiking in Carbondale, CO


Dig your hiking boots out of storage because it’s time for a summer of hiking in Carbondale! A picturesque mountain town, Carbondale has short hiking trails designed for a quick afternoon jaunt, plus longer trails that make perfect day hikes. Here are a few of our favorite Carbondale hiking trails. […]

Hiking in Carbondale, CO2016-11-15T11:04:54-06:00
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