7 08, 2018

“Because I hired what I consider the top real estate firm in the valley.”


In the past 8 months, we have helped a gazillion buyers and sellers, or 41 to be exact! Here is a recent testimony from one of our sellers: “Selling a home can be a very stressful time in one’s life.  However, Lynn Kirchner and her team at Amoré Realty ensured that the entire process went smoothly.  I felt very comfortable turning everything over to Lynn. […]

“Because I hired what I consider the top real estate firm in the valley.”2018-11-28T15:08:07-06:00
21 12, 2016

“Negotiating on our behalf like a loyal family member.”


Relocation Made Easy! We couldn’t be happier for this family! “Lynn Kirchner and Amoré Realty made our relocation from the Bay Area to Carbondale possible. Lynn found us a beautiful house to rent with favorable terms in the event we found our dream home buy cialis online overnight shipping. When that happened, Lynn managed the transaction with attention to detail and ease, negotiating on our behalf like a loyal family member. Lynn is an exceptional real estate professional and has become a trusted family friend. Amoré Realty is true to their name bringing the love of community building to the town we love being a part of.” Gratefully, Seth and Lisa Goddard

“Negotiating on our behalf like a loyal family member.”2017-02-13T05:06:16-06:00
12 07, 2015

Top Quality Property Brochures


We take marketing serious at Amore Realty.  We know that if people can't see your property, they don't know if it is available.  We only do professional photography, combined with professional design and top quality printing on all our our property brochures.  

Top Quality Property Brochures2016-11-15T11:04:55-06:00