17 10, 2018

Five Must Do maintenance tasks when selling your home


Five Must Do maintenance tasks when selling your home. If you’re a homeowner, you already know that keeping your property in tiptop shape requires ongoing maintenance. This is especially true if you’ve decided to sell your home. An experienced real estate agent can help you sort out what you must do to sell your home but here is a good list to get you started: […]

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8 10, 2018

Online Home Value Estimates


Thinking of selling your home and wondering what it’s worth? Be careful about getting attached to home value estimates you see online. Reason being, many any are far above market value. Home listings that start out way overpriced can languish unsold and end up selling for less than what they could have sold for, had they hit the market priced right with buyers’ interest at its peak. […]

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4 09, 2018

Picking a Lender


There are so many things to consider when purchasing a home and a hot topic in today’s market is what a buyer will end up paying when their home is finally paid off. Not only are buyers looking at what rate they qualify for but the long term costs associated with that rate. It’s important to consider which lender will not only get the deal done but save you money in the long run. […]

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