4 09, 2018

Picking a Lender


There are so many things to consider when purchasing a home and a hot topic in today’s market is what a buyer will end up paying when their home is finally paid off. Not only are buyers looking at what rate they qualify for but the long term costs associated with that rate. It’s important to consider which lender will not only get the deal done but save you money in the long run. […]

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29 08, 2018

Geography Counts


Sometimes it’s difficult to determine which location in the valley makes the most sense to invest in. Whether you’re looking to relocate or you’re looking at an investment property, Amoré Realty can provide helpful advice, in addition to making your investment a reality. […]

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27 06, 2018

Going “Home”


When exploring the definition of “home,” an inquirer is left with a myriad of opinions and concepts. Computer applications and web sites denote the home screen and home page as a central navigation point. Instinct draws animals back to their home territory after leaving it. Those with wanderlust or nomadic tendencies encapsulate the meaning of home as a place where one is most comfortable in their own skin.  […]

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1 08, 2017

Selling Secret #5: Don’t over-upgrade


Selling Secret #5: Don’t over-upgrade Quick fixes before selling always pay off. Mammoth makeovers, not so much. You probably won’t get your money back if you do a huge improvement project before you put your house on the market. Instead, do updates that will pay off and get you top dollar. Get a new fresh […]

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